Niehaus LLP

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The firm provides litigation services and advice on matters ranging from small, single-issue disputes, to complex litigations involving multiple parties and claims, to class actions. Mr. Niehaus has handled a wide variety of litigation matters, including claims for breach of contract, business torts, insurance coverage, wrongful termination, misappropriation of trade secrets, fraud, legal malpractice, and bankruptcy claims, among others.

Securities Law

The firm’s expertise covers a wide range of securities-related issues, including litigating securities class actions; conducting internal investigations; responding to and/or defending government and self-regulatory organization investigations; litigating SEC and SRO enforcement actions; arbitrating broker/customer disputes; representing subjects and witnesses before the U.S. Attorney’s office, and drafting periodic filings.

The firm is a particularly good fit for individual executives and employees, or groups of executives or employees, requiring representation in any securities-related matter.

General Practice

Matters requiring the advice of an attorney extend well beyond actual litigation or even nascent disputes.  Employment agreements, business contracts, corporate formation and operating documents, wills and trusts, non-disclosure agreements, and real estate contracts are just a few of the important legal papers that should be drafted or reviewed by an attorney.  The firm offers a wide variety of legal services tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Additional Practice Areas

Through its affiliation with Murphy & King, P.C., Niehaus LLP also offers legal services relating to bankruptcy and restructuring, intellectual property applications and IP litigation, corporate structuring and transactions, and real estate.  For additional information, please visit Murphy & King, P.C.